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Six reasons to be cautious around an insurance company

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Most people who are seriously injured in a car accident have never been in that position before. As a result, the process of dealing with an insurance company may be entirely foreign. This can leave you vulnerable. An insurance company can swoop in and seem extraordinarily helpful. But as you maneuver through the claims process, you need to remember that the insurance company is not your friend.

Reasons why you shouldn’t trust an insurance company

Dealing with an insurance company is inevitable. But you don’t have to let them take advantage of you. Therefore, as you proceed with your claim, keep the following in mind:

  1. The insurance company wants to maximize profits: Insurance companies are businesses, many of which are beholden to stakeholders. Therefore, their focus is on making as much money as possible. It naturally follows, then, that these insurance companies are going to look for ways to pay you as little as possible or avoid paying you altogether.
  2. Your words will be used against you: As humans, we have a natural tendency to downplay events or even blame ourselves for things that were outside of our control. Don’t do this when you talk to a representative from the insurance company. Regardless of how friendly an adjuster seems, they won’t hesitate to use your words against you to either deny your claim or to pay you less than you actually deserve.
  3. Insurance companies stick to timelines: Your insurance policy probably has a provision in it that requires you to report an accident and seek medical treatment within a specified period of time. Don’t expect your insurance company to feel sorry for you and give you an extension if you miss those deadlines. They’ll be quick to deny your claim if you hesitate in any aspect of seeking treatment and following the claims process as specified in your policy.
  4. Insurance companies drag out the process: One way that insurance companies force accident victims to accept low settlement offers is to apply financial pressure. This is usually done by delaying the claims process so that you feel the pinch of medical bills coming due and the struggle of trying to meet your daily needs.
  5. You might be watched: In some cases, an insurance company may even hire a private investigator to watch you to see if your injuries are as bad as you claim them to be. So, make sure that you’re being honest with the insurance company and are acting in accordance with the extent of your injuries.
  6. Legal teams are aggressive: Insurance companies are often represented by teams of aggressive legal professionals who know how to get results. These lawyers are adept at negotiations, and they’ll probably deploy tactics that will make you feel like you have to accept an initial offer or otherwise lose out on payment altogether. They’ll try to make your claim seem weak, too. But you shouldn’t give in to these tactics before discussing your case with your attorney.

Stand up to the insurance company you’re dealing with

There’s a lot of stress involved in resolving your personal injury case. But you can’t let your anxiety drive you to an unfair resolution. We know that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re dealing with the financial realities of your situation and you don’t know how these cases tend to play out. However, you can have the support and advocacy that you need on your side by discussing your circumstances with an experienced attorney. Hopefully then you can formulate the strategy that you need to obtain the best outcome possible given the facts at hand.