Experience Counts

My Promise To You

An injury or the death of a loved one can change lives in so many ways. When you hire Cannon Law, I make you the following promises:

  1. I only represent injured people and have never represented an insurance company.
  2. I will never give up working hard on your case and will give it the attention it deserves.
  3. I will personally work on your case. You will not be passed around from attorney to attorney, as is what sometimes happens in larger firms.
  4. Because you are the one who has been injured, you have every right to know what is going on with your case.
  5. I will personally, promptly return your phone calls and keep you advised.

When you see “we mean business” under the name Cannon Law, it means I understand that you expect and deserve an attorney who is serious about your case, and willing to fight for you so that you may be compensated for your or your loved one’s pain and suffering.

I pray that you also work to overcome any challenges presented as a result of your injury.

“One day, you will thank yourself for never giving up.” – Anonymous